Development of plant layouts

Development of plant layouts following a thorough production flow planning.

The work done is based on the following study and analysis phases:

Starting from the studies carried out on the work station and on the production machinery, from the examination of the flow of raw materials and semi-finished product among the various departments and from the data obtained from the analyses of the raw materials stores and inter-operational buffers, the plant layout is worked out aiming at maximizing the product flow and at minimizing the ways according to the frequency/dimensions of the Loading Units to be transported from one department to the other. Moreover, we associate a careful analysis of the machinery required to obtain the desired product amounts at the required quality standard to the technological solutions to be adopted in the departments intended to make the flow as economic and quick as possible, even with the help of the internal logistics such as: belts, AGVs, etc. The deep knowledge of the requirements of the process of factory plant engineering makes easier the working out of the designs.